All your important things will be handled by this tiny yet sophisticated Ora, realizing a single-handed control. Just by simply swiping the screen or speaking to Ora, you can flawlessly control the device. With 45 careful processes to achieve the simple streamlined outlook, Ora fuses technology and fashion, making your life simpler, more efficient, yet elegant.

Just like a simplest black card in your hand, Ora is simple but thoughtful. The borderless display blooms with color, and it is most comfortable to hold. The sapphire display offers pure viewing experience so that you are not only amazed by its look, but also its visual capability.

Brand new social ritual, “instant touch” technology that is fun to play with. You only need to hold Ora close to each other to exchange business cards instantly. The ritual since 19 th century is upgraded to inject new meaning to your personal network.

You no longer need to spend precious time on searching for your bank cards, as from now on, by swiping the screen, or speaking to Ora, you can instantly retrieve the card you need and complete transaction in a second. Live for the moment while enjoy the convenience technology can offer.

Leave life to be organized by Ora so that you have time to experience the world. Hotel, flight, VIP membership, schedule management—all in one! Say good-bye to massy cards, say hello to “cross” UI, which allows you to see more, experience more and do more!

Whether at home or at work, Ora builds a solid fortress for you as it can replace all access cards to manage your access anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to worry about data being lost or stolen, and you can experience outing in a new way, freely exploring your world.

No need to worry about thousands of business cards as Ora will establish your profile, arranging your cards based on social network data while showcasing your unique profile. Fast search by voice or text input, you can also click network map to view your friends detail, so to expand a new horizon for your social network and life.