The cryptocurrency wallet evolution

The cryptocurrency wallet evolution

Daily trading volume has reached nearly $3 billion for the top 10 cryptocurrencies, the number of active blockchain wallet users has grown to 26 million, and companies are scrambling to take advantage of a market that seems to be ever-expanding, because investors are required to set up a cryptocurrency wallet before they can even get started investing. What you’re looking at, essentially, is a captive market of cryptocurrency investors. Enter the smart wallet.

In the same way that cryptocurrency is more or less the digital equivalent of cash, a cryptocurrency wallet is, in a sense, the digital place you stash it. But unlike a physical wallet, cryptocurrency isn’t stored literally; what they do is secure your private key for accessing the public address of your cryptocurrency, and set transactions in motion.

There are three cryptocurrency wallet types on the current market: hardware wallets, software wallets, and paper wallets. Hardware wallets are physical devices, such as USBs, with private keys encrypted in them, while a software wallet is electronic, living either on your desktop or phone, or in the cloud. Paper wallets, which actually exist in this digital world, are physical, analog documents with private keys recorded on them.

Each of the types of cryptocurrency wallet varies in terms of its safety and security and how convenient they actually are to access and use.

The old-school paper wallet

If you’re looking to remain immune to online hacker attacks, you can’t go wrong with a paper wallet, which seems almost quaint – but given the value of cryptocurrency, and its potential vulnerability, it’s unsurprising that some investors think going old school is the only way to stay safe.

It’s an actual physical document that records the public address at which you can get cryptocurrency, plus the private key that lets you use them as currency or transfer them. You can generate them randomly via services across the web and then print them. Some services offer tamper-resistant designs or let you order a bonus holographic label to seal the deal.

And of course while the top advantage means hackers and various flavors of malware aren’t getting anywhere near your coins, you have to generate the wallet in the first place on a clean operating system, generate the keys offline, and use a physically connected printer, not a network one. You’ve also got to keep that slip of paper secure – no setting your coffee on top of it while you’re sitting at your computer surfing.

The hackable software wallet

If you’re an active cryptocurrency user, a software wallet is generally more convenient and easier to access, storing your private key electronically. Mobile apps allow you to trade or pay face-to-face efficiently from your phone, sometimes even enabling tap-to-read features. Like mobile wallets, a web wallet lets you access your cryptocurrency when you’re out and about, when you’re connected to the internet. Both keep keys stored on servers controlled by third parties, however, putting you at someone else’s mercy, essentially, whether that means your wallet’s exchange goes on the lam or a hacker breaks in and starts merrily downloading.

A desktop-based e-wallet is more secure than either. They’re on your hard drive so the data’s all yours, and thereby harder to steal – but a constant connection to the internet also introduces vulnerability, as ever.

The secure hardware wallet

Hardware wallets are considered the most secure kind of cryptocurrency wallet, hardened against viruses and other attacks. Funds can’t be transferred out of the device in plaintext, a device with a screen can be used to add security layers and verify payments.

Smart wallets: the next stage

As the cryptocurrency market grows, demand for a mobile, secure payment avenue are growing – and as the number of ways you can pay electronically expand, some manufacturers are seeing opportunity in creating a new kind of smart wallet. OraSaifu, a smart tech company based in Japan, is developing an all-in-one hardware-style wallet that folds in store credit cards, cryptocurrencies, membership cards and door cards, can function as as Apple Pay in Starbucks, and more.

“Business cards, club membership cards, Costco card, your gym membership card, your work badge, your smart lock — everything NFC enabled, we can copy it and store it, so you don’t have to go through millions of cards just to make through the door,” Liu says. “We anticipate that because it marries secure function with elegant form, it will become the tech professional’s new lifestyle gadget.”

For security, the company has gone all in on both TEE and SE technology, offline storage, and 2-step transaction authentication. Cold wallet mode uses NFC and Offline QR code reading technology for internet-isolated point-to-point transactions, and the wallet’s anti-theft solution will wipe the hardware clean, if authentication fails five times in a row.

About the size of a bank card, and thinner than 0.1 inches, OraSaifu supports the leading digital currencies, and can send and receive payments and checking account details, as well as manage multiple addresses. It’s designed to be sexy, too, with a smooth surface, sleek cut, round angle and 4-inch bezel-less display and a 83.87 percent screen-to-body ratio – better, Liu notes, than an iPhone. It’s also packed in a premium Italian genuine leather pouch, to impress the other kids.

The OraSaifu R&D team members are former employees from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Nokia and Huawei, with extensive experience in blockchain, big data, internet security, and mobile hardware fields. OraSaifu gained millions in first-round angel investment and is actively building connections with top block chain technology parties. The OraSaifu global launch starts in late July, on indiegogo.

The OraSaifu smart wallet global launch will start on Indiegogo on July 19th, 2018, with early bird sales registration starting now.

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A Cutting-Edge Multi-Cryptocurrency Hardware Crypto-Wallet from OraSaifu is About to Hit the Global Market

A Cutting-Edge Multi-Cryptocurrency Hardware Crypto-Wallet from OraSaifu is About to Hit the Global Market


by Bitcoin PR Buzz Feed | Jul 20, 2018 | Bitcoin Press ReleaseUltimate Executive |

Bitcoin Press Release: Smart-tech company OraSaifu announces a revolutionary payment product; a hardware cryptocurrency wallet with a digital card screen display, packed with state-of-the-art security. It will enter the market in mid-July 2018.

July 20th, 2018, Tokyo, Japan  – The number of active blockchain wallet users today exceeds 26 million. In 2018 to date, Bitcoin wallet holders grew  to over 10 million. Furthermore, the daily trading volume of the top ten cryptocurrencies has risen to $3 Billion, and it’s about time a truly innovative cryptocurrency wallet enter the world.

All-in-One Digital Wallet with Cross Functional Payment Methods

OraSaifu has developed an all in one solution for those seeking a means to store their crypto without resorting to hardware, software or paper wallets. The OraSaifu wallet enhances all the present safety advantages of contemporary USB wallets like Ledger and Trezor, and also turns traditional bank payment cards into a mobile payment mode. For financial asset storage, transactions, and recovery, OraSaifu has created one card with two modes where all crypto digital currency exchange and bank card payment functions co-exist.

The Most Secure and Cutting Edge Wallet Hardware on the Market 

What sets OraSaifu apart from any other wallet is its proprietary reliance on both a Trusted Execution Environment  (TEE) and SE technology on one secure chip, ensuring 100% security over assets and Near Field Communication (NFC) payments. OraSaifu provides a cold-wallet mode by using NFC and Offline QR code reading technology, which means it can be completely isolated from online connections. It also has unlimited storage, beating the majority of the competition that offer limited storage and single currency use.

In terms of security, all cryptocurrencies on the device are stored offline and require 2 step authentication for transactions, the USB port required to charge the device doesn’t have data transfer capabilities, thereby keeping private keys isolated from even your computer and reducing the risk of theft to near zero. Presently, OraSaifu supports the following digital currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash and over 20 other cryptocurrencies. It supports sending payments, receiving, checking account details and managing multiple addresses.

Unprecedented Artistic Design and Features 

In addition to its ground-breaking security and functionalities, OraSaifu’s offers the sleekest design of any product in its class. With a diameter of a bank card, feather-like weight 4-inch bezeless display with an 83.37% screen to body ratio, beating out even the latest iPhone. Alongside the nifty asset storage and transaction features described above, the OraSaifu wallet also supports membership cards, business cards, door passes, Gym membership cards and so on. Everything is NFC enabled and OraSaifu can copy, store the data in one ultra-secure place.

Ora wallet also embedded the function of business cards, club membership cards management and door pass for user’s further exploration. Costo, Dicson, Walmart, Gym membership card, a work badge, a smart lock, anything NFC enabled, OraSaifu can copy it and store it, so users don’t have to go through millions of cards just to make through a door.

The OraSaifu hardware wallet is bound to exceed the expectation of most digital currency enthusiasts. It offers an artistic palm-sized interface, unlimited digital payment accessibility, and the highest of security features. Ultimately, the OraSaifu wallet will become a leader in the market for a reason: it is a product users trust with protecting their crypto and ushers in a new seamlessly efficient professional lifestyle.

About ORA

Ora Inc.was founded in 2013, with an ambitious concept to change the world of payments. Our R&D team members are former employees from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Nokia and Huawei, all with extensive experience in blockchain, big data, internet security, and mobile hardware fields. The UI design team is from Japan. OraSaifu has gained millions of USD first round angel investment, and is planning for its next round of fundraising from top global investors and institutions. Ora is actively building a connection with industry-leading blockchain technology parties and is looking forward to speaking with more potential business partners. Please contact us for more information.

Early Bird Sale

The OraSaifu smart wallet global launch will start on Indiegogo on July 19th, 2018, if interested in purchasing the OraSaifu wallet, the company has opened registrations for early bird sales here.

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